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Cigar Marketing

a new and better way to market your Cigar events


Our amazing Cigar marketing formula is based on a really simple plan.


* More exposure

* More buying opportunity


* More people to try your Cigars

* More sales

* Stronger retail partnerships

* More long term customers

Any Cigar manufacturer, distributor, retailer or cigar event organizer can folow the plan and easily make their Cigar event more successful.

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 Cigar Event Marketing Plus

system is and how you can reap the profits  starting with your very next Cigar event

How can we be so sure our system will work? We've invested over 25 years to master the secrets of effective digital marketing and have learned how to mine the gold from the internet

The only question you need to ask is Are you ready to

* Explode Your Sales
* Turn Your Cigar Event Into a Money Making Machine
* Attract new customers like metal to a magnet
* Help your retail customers make so much money they will want to buy more of your brand and give you more precious shelf space.
* Build an army of brand ambassadors who will work tirelessly for you without pay

Yes it's very possible once you know the true secrets of online marketing as we do and then engage the simple strategies that make up the

 Cigar Event Marketing Plus

Marketing system.

The only two questions you need to ask at this point are


How Much More Money Do You Want to Make at your future Cigar events?


When Do You Want To Start Receiving It?

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The definition of insanity is to keep doing what you are currently doing and expecting different results